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parents - Parents at Duke members

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Subject: Parents at Duke members

Description: [Last updated on: Sat May 22 13:10:44 2004]

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Parents@Duke provides students, faculty, and staff at Duke University, =
with a way for to connect and find support and resources =
within the Duke community and work environment related to parenting.

**Parents @ Duke is intended for discussion only among its subscribers.
Due to the sensitivity of these discussions, you may not forward posted
messages without the permission of the author. ***

To subscribe, mail to:
with this message: subscribe parents (no name or subject is

To unsubscribe, mail to:
with this message: unsubscribe parents (no name or subject is

To contribute, mail your contribution to:

Access to the subscription list is restricted to the List Owner. The =
Owner will NOT give out the names & addresses of subscribers. Posting
is restricted to subscribers of Parents at Duke.

Parents at Duke is a privately owned email discussion list (not an =
service of Duke University) consisting of individuals interested in =
affecting working parents, parents-to-be and caregivers- such as =
pay etc.

As with any email discussion list, postings over 40k and with too many =
in the To:-line are automatically bounced by the listserver.

Please observe the usual etiquette for E-mail networks:

no personal attacks
no spamming
limit your "I agree with so-and-so" responses,
keep peripheral matters to a minimum.

Subscribers who will not be civil will be unsubscribed by the =

Two rules of etiquette are good to keep in mind:

do not email anyone anything you would not say to them=20

and "if you will not take the time to help, do not take the=20
time to hurt".

Remember also to keep discussions on Parents@Duke more or less on
appropriate topics; if you have personal responses, please direct them=20
To the appropriate individual.

Parents at Duke List-owners are Alyssa Perz ( and Catherine Riddle

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