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Subject: Duke Natural History Society

Duke Natural History Society

The Duke Natural History Society (DNHS) is an informal group of people in the greater Duke community interested in nature. The group is centered on an email list where anyone can announce a field trip and invite others. There are no officers or meetings. Field trips are generally slow-paced because people are looking at everything from mosses to trees, salamanders to birds, spiders to butterflies.

The Duke Natural History Society strives to:

  1. Bring people together from different groups who share an interest in natural history.
  2. Get research biologists outdoors and away from their offices, libraries, computers, and benches.
  3. Share enthusiasm for nature and knowledge of biological diversity with others.
  4. Help local communities and organizations by participating in conservation activities.

The DNHS e-mail list is used for announcing and organizing natural history field trips and other related activities. If you're interested in organizing a field trip, just send a message to the list. For more information, contact Will Cook (

To SUBSCRIBE, send message text "subscribe natural-history" (without the quotes) to Leave the subject line blank. You will receive an automated confirmation.

To UNSUBSCRIBE send message text "unsubscribe natural-history" (without the quotes) to

To post a message, send it to

If you have trouble getting on or off the list or have other questions, please e-mail the list maintainer (currently Will Cook) at and describe your problem. For more information, see the Duke Natural History Society website:

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