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lti-users - LTI authority control users group

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Subject: LTI authority control users group

[Last updated on: Mon Aug 21 13:10:29 2006] The LTI-Users mailing list is a forum for libraries using LTI's ongoing authority control services, Authority Express (AEX) and Authority Update Processing (AUP). It is an open, unmoderated list. LTI staff subscribe and may contribute, but it is intended that most of the discussion will be among the users. The list is hosted by Duke University, and Amy Turner is the listowner. The group was formed after a survey was mailed in spring 2003 to AEX and AUP contact persons. The survey and the results can be found in the shared documents of the LTI-users list at The shared documents also include archives from 2003 to 2006, which were created manually. Since 2007, the list has been archived automatically at the address cited.
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